Facilitator Edge helps facilitators elevate and up their facilitation game. Sympónia serves facilitators across disciplines (education, trainers, consultants, change makers, coaches, and leaders). Facilitator Edge Offerings include: Facilitator Retreats,Facilitation Design Studios, Facilitation Design Reviews, and Facilitation Delivery Reviews.

Sympónia offers FacilitatorEDGE Coaching to support current and emerging facilitators up their facilitation game. Coaching packages are customized around specific facilitator growth edge areas. Growth edge areas include: consulting, designing experiences, holding space, introducing multi-modal approaches, debriefing in transformational ways, coming into one’s power as a facilitator, and enriching more dynamic experiences that engage participants while achieving desired outcomes.

If you’re interested in FacilitatorEDGE for your organization or personally, inquire with your name and email address on the Contact Page. We’ll reach out to answer any questions.

If you’d prefer to schedule an appointment to learn more about FacilitatorEDGE or Sympónia, feel free to click here to find a time that works for you for a 30 minute Enneagram overview conversation.  Click here to schedule.

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