Leadership Development Consulting focused on Men’s Transformative Growth
as Compassion-Inspired Bridge Builders, Integrated Leaders & Change Makers.


Sympónia is the Greek word for Compassion
at the heart of every Sympónia experience


Why Compassion?

The issues and challenges facing organizations and society require a deeper level of empathy and compassion so that we can make better decisions and actions that connect us to our deeper humanity in healing our planet and elevating the voices of all.

Why Integration?

As men, it is easy to compartmentalize and live in the boxes.  Yet, to come fully into our best selves we need to look at all aspects of ourselves.  This will improve the way we feel about ourselves, the ways we connect with others, and the impact we make when we lead.

Why Men?

The world is changing rapidly and the needs of leaders are evolving.  The traditional “masculine” models of leading aren’t working in the same way they used to and aren’t designed to address organizational and societal needs that are becoming more complex and sophisticated.  Sympónia Men provides experiences for male leaders, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs to examine the emerging trends, develop the essential skills they will need to succeed, create impact, and engage others in complex transformation efforts.



Sympónia Men offers speaking, consulting, customized workshops, leader labs, retreats, men’s circles/ERG’s, coaching, and summits for men in the company of men to engage in deeper-level conversations that help elevate men in their growth and development as men as bridge builders, as leaders, and as agents of change in the world.

Sympónia Men is a subsidiary of Sympónia Leadership, a compassion-inspired leadership and organizational development consulting firm.  Sympónia Leadership offers sophisticated and innovative interventions for large-scale systems change.  Sympónia Men partners with Global Women for Wellbeing to provide women’s transformation and leadership programming in service of larger scale gender bridge building initiatives under the GenderARC umbrella.

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