What becomes possible when men become integrated leaders?

Consulting Approach

The Sympónia Men consulting approach encompasses assessments (culture, team, and individual), vision and strategy development, customized program design and delivery, communications and promotional strategies, train the trainer experiences, and program evaluation and measurement.  Click here for a full list of Sympónia Men Offerings.

Sympónia Men helps organizations to:

Leadership Development Strategy Specific to Men & Male Leaders

  • Develop an overarching strategy to support the long-term development needs of male leaders as they become bridge builders, transformational leaders, and change makers in support of healthy gender balance in the workplace

Leadership Development Programs

  • Understand the unique leadership, transformation, and growth needs of men,
  • Evaluate existing leadership development programs in their effectiveness for men as leadership demands evolve (What type of leadership is required today?  How are men equipped to lead in light of these demands?),
  • Create customized programming (workshops, leader labs, circles/ERG’s, and retreats) catered to the unique needs for male leaders,

Leadership Development Coaching

  • Offer deep self-awareness assessments and coaching for men
  • Provide coaching for men around leadership development, performance, and  specific men’s needs (i.e., healthy masculinity in the workplace)

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Develop strategies to include more men into diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Introduce, assess existing, or develop a strategy for ERG programs for men,
  • Prepare men in the company to engage in bridge building conversations across gender and beyond gender
  • Support men in becoming mentors and advocates across gender
  • Introduce GenderEQ workshops for Men to help men navigate shifting gender rules and roles in the workplace

Sympónia Men Partners

Develop holistic gender balance strategies through GenderARC and women’s empowerment and leadership development strategies through our partner Global Women For Wellbeing