For each of our transformative experiences for men, we’ve built our programs around a set of core pillars and principles.  We’ve identified these pillars as critical areas for holistic growth and development into compassion-inspired bridge builders and change-makers in the world.

How We Work & Play 

  • Bring Open-Hearted Honesty & Truth to Build Psychological Safety
  • Rediscover Playfulness & Creativity to Break Down Walls
  • Ignite Adventure and Curiosity to Challenge  the Status Quo
  • Build the Courage to Challenge, Experiment & Transform

How We Evolve

  • Integrate Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit Connection for Full Expression
  • Live into a Healthier Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • Rigorously Self Examine Our Authentic & Constructed Identity
  • Heal What’s Wounded over Fixing What’s Toxic
  • Express Our Authentic Voices through our Stories

How We Connect

  • Deepen our Compassionate Expression for Self & Other
  • Challenge our Assumptions, Mindsets, and Biases Across Difference
  • Deepen Healthy Relationships and Connections
  • Strengthen Communities through Inclusive Openness

How We Lead &  Fulfill Our Purpose 

  • Discover Your Calling and Fulfill Your Purpose
  • Lead from a Head & Heart-Connected Approach for Results that Matter
  • Transform Cultures into Compassionate, Conscious & Connected Environments

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