Sean Harvey, MSOD, MSEd
Men’s Transformation and Integrated Leadership 
Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Facilitator & Coach
FounderSympónia Men
Co-Founder, GenderARC

Sean Harvey is a Men’s Transformation & Integrated Leadership Facilitator and Coach at Sympónia Men and Co-Founder of GenderARC.  His work in personal, organizational, and societal transformation is inspired by over 20 years of Talent, Leadership, and Organization Development consulting combined with a decade of college teaching experience at Cornell, NYU, and Baruch College CUNY in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Change.

Sean is contributing as a writer, speaker, and consultant to a new narrative around creating healthier gender balance in the workplace to transform people, cultures, and systems.   He engages men in deep and transformative experiences around the areas of compassion, authenticity, connection, purpose, and well-being as they elevate into compassion-inspired bridge builders, transformational leaders, and change makers.

Sean is currently launching and leading a new Men’s Initiative at the Open Center in NYC with the intention of creating a global hub for men’s healing, transformation, and holistic/spiritual growth.  He most recently served as the head of Purpose, Personal Transformation and Wellbeing as well as the Internal Change Agent for Creative for EILEEN FISHER.

Prior to his experience at EILEEN FISHER, Sean was the Vice President of Talent Consulting for Partners in Human Resources International, where he launched a Socially Conscious Leadership program for emerging leaders on Wall Street.  In 2004, he founded Values-Driven Careers (formerly Boerum Consulting), a Purpose, Career & Leadership Development Coaching practice.  In 1990, at the age of 16, Sean launched YouthQuest, an LGBTQ nonprofit youth group for the city of Dayton Ohio, which currently serves about 80 LGBTQ youth across southwest Ohio.

Sean holds a MSEd in Counseling with a theoretical orientation in Existential Psychotherapy (focus of purpose, meaning, and connection) from Fordham University, an MSOD in Organizational Development and Change from Loyola University Chicago, and a BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a graduate certification in Public Service Management from DePaul University.  Sean continues his studies at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC as a member of the 2020 Interfaith Ministerial Class.

Our Founder’s Story

Sean Harvey left consulting on Wall Street to work as an in-house consultant for Eileen Fisher.  During his time at Eileen Fisher, he was exposed to a new way of working, being, and leading.  The organization was built around true feminine leadership principles and practices.  Each person who walked through the Eileen Fisher doors was transformed by Eileen Fisher.

Based on the experience at Eileen Fisher, the conditions created by feminine leadership transformed its employees and achieved great business results, yet it was the way that those results were achieved that can be different.  Through a purpose-driven approach to leading, highly collaborative and inclusive decision making, innovative and creative problem solving, an expectation of bringing your authentic self into each conversation, engaging with kindness in every interaction even in tough situations, and a commitment to personal and professional growth are all hallmarks of feminine and compassionate leadership.

So Sean asked, what if more people in organizations, and specifically men, had exposure to this different way of working, being, and leading, what would be possible?  Taking this a step further, what if we reimagined organizational systems and cultures where we tapped into the best of the healthy masculine and the best of the healthy feminine and created a different set of conditions around how we worked, collaborated, and defined success?  Sean believes there is a new balance that most organizations haven’t explored that can potentially redefine how we work, how we connect, and how we bring our best selves to work.

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